Thursday, December 22, 2011

Public Fight

I was playing in the yard with my dog after work today, and my neighbors were screaming at each other in their yard.  I'm not talking Jerry Springer fighting either...I'm talking WWIII.  They were really getting after each other about something, yet in the franticity of their ranting, I was unable to determine what it was.  It was just as the argument was reaching fever pitch when an event happened that made my day:  I heard a door slam and then the guy start yelling, "It's cold out!  Let me back in!!!"  Judging by the fact that his pleas persisted for quite some time, I don't believe she let him back in.

Please, if you're going to get into a yelling match with someone, make sure someone's there to witness and document the general ludicracy of your situation and how you handle it..  That's all I ask.


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