Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Casting a Shadow

I will always remember the day we first met.  You were hanging upside down in your crate, and when my sister and I put our hands up next to it, you came over and sniffed both of us.  It was a very easy choice to adopt you.  From that point forward, you've provided us with countless memories that I'll never forget.  There were the times you climbed my ladder to hang out with me in the top bunk bed and the times you ferociously hunted down and de-tailed "mousies."  Green Bean Goalie, Pride Rock Television, the Pork Chop Incident, the Stuffed Shell Surprise, the time you pooped in the water bed and tried to bury it, the time you got outside and somehow got three slugs stuck to your head...The list goes on.  You were a terrific friend, and I'll miss you.

RIP Shadow.


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