Sunday, January 22, 2012

Playoff Recap: Ravens/Patriots

I didn't post last week since I wasn't near a computer.  That changes this week though.  The AFC game should be an interesting one.  It's a classic battle of offense vs. defense, and we'll see which prevails!  Let's get right to the notes:

1.  I wasn't sure after watching Baltimore last week whether their offensive line was just as bad as it looked or whether it was more a function of the (now) vaunted Houston defense.  If the first three drives against the Pats serves as any indication, the offensive line is just that bad.  It's allowing pressure from everywhere.  If they're going to have a chance, they'll have to open up at least a sliver of daylight for Rice and Williams, and they should also shoot to give Flacco at least three seconds (and/or a place to step up).

2.  I wasn't too thrilled with Cam Cameron's playcalling last week, but that play action boot after the Webb pick was a thing of beauty.  After running on first down on the previous two drives, a play action was a good idea, and on top of that, the bootleg to negate the interior pass rush, was brilliant.  If Flacco had thrown it a tad earlier, this ballgame is 7-3 instead of 3-3.

3.  If I'm the Patriots, I would start my next offensive drive with a play action bomb after running like they did on the past drive.  The other thing I'd do is jump off a bridge because I would rather do that than be a New England Patriot.  Just sayin'.

4.  It looks like the Ravens have adjusted a little bit, as the protection has improved vastly.  Flacco's able to step up, and he's zinging it around.  There's also been some running room for Williams and Rice.  Sidenote: McKinnie is like two Rices.

5.  Well, I only want to see six more quarters of Brady this year:  The second half of this game and the Pro Bowl next week.

6.  The most bemoaned Ravens' draft pick (Torrey Smith - #58 overall) among all the Ravens fans I know seems to be having a pretty good game.  What effort on that touchdown to take the lead.  I'm not sure whether his foot was indeed in bounds, but it was just too close to reverse.  Had he been ruled out, that would have stood too.

7.  Pats fans are morons.  How many times do the Patriots players need to ask them to be quiet on third and inches from the goal line?

8.  And the Ravens' first round pick gets in on the action there too with the interception.  I guess he didn't want to be outdone by Torrey Smith?  Also, Pollard deserves a bit of credit for that pick...what an athletic play to bat it.

9.  This is far and away the best game of the post season so far.  To think the opening line was New England -9, the odds makers clearly didn't see this coming.

10.  How the Hell was there no defensive holding on that third down incompletion at the end?  Horrific no-call.  I'm astounded and disgusted.

11.  I feel badly for Cundiff there.  He's going to catch the blame for the loss when there were a lot of opportunities to win it by others (specifically having to settle for a field goal after the big kickoff return fumble).


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