Sunday, January 22, 2012

Playoff Recap: Giants/49ers

A throwback game to the late 80s/early 90s.  This one features two excellent defenses and some underrated offenses.  The pass rushes should be the difference in this, and whoever can force the big turnover will be headed to Indy.  Add in the wet weather, and this one figures to be an old fashioned slug fest.

1.  That's a stunning reminder of why I wanted my team to draft Vernon Davis a few years ago.  The guy took a little time to come into his own, but he's an absolute athletic freak.  He's basically a walking mismatch.

2.  I just don't understand how Victor Cruz could explode onto the scene like he has this year.  You don't find this kind of talent overnight...Where was it last year?  My guess is that there are a handful of guys out there like him who may never get their shot because they're stashed behind entrenched veterans on their rosters.

3.  Do we have a tight end duel going here?  Pascoe vs. Davis?  In all seriousness though, have there ever been so many touchdowns by tight ends (specifically back-up tight ends) scored in a postseason?

4.  I like it when teams run play action (especially running teams).  However, for it to work, you need to have a running back near the fake hand-off.  That is a tip for you, Alex Smith.

5.  ...And now I'm seeing why it's not such a bad thing that my team didn't draft Vernon Davis.  He's now cost his team 30 yards in penalties.  I can see getting that penalty against the Broncos or the Colts if you're a Cowboy, but that's the only time that little maneuver is acceptable.

6.  Overall, I still think that Peyton's better than Eli.  However, if I had to choose one of them to lead my two minute offense, I think I'd take Eli.  The guy is clutchness personified.  Remember when Eli was asked at the beginning of the year whether he thought of himself as elite, in the Manning/Rogers ilk?  Do you remember all the flack he caught for saying yes?  I'm not hearing those same criticisms now.

7.  What a bad break that was for San Francisco on the punt return.  That said, if you're Kyle Williams, and you feel that ball hit your knee, you MUST go after it to try to recover it.  Not even trying to recover his own fumble is a horrific mental error.  Turnovers in playoffs are often difference makers because they lead to points and momentum.

8.  I haven't commented much in this half because I'm just busy enjoying watching these defenses.  This is one of the better games I've seen from a defensive standpoint.

9.  All of Aaron Ross's punt returns all seem to end the same way:  Like Buster Bluth being attacked by a bear.

10.  What is it about the 49er secondary that makes them defend the ball from themselves when going for an interception?

11.  Kyle Williams should probably retire.  Two bad punt return fumbles, and one very questionable diving attempt to field a punt in traffic.  Hopefully, he can learn from this and use the lesson to better himself in the future.  However, in this case, his two boneheaded plays appear to have done his team in.

12.  Super Bowl rematch!  Here's hoping for the same outcome as the first iteration!


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