Monday, October 10, 2011

Time and Space Continuum

I was walking my dog today, and as usual, he was pulling like a little fiend.  I'd argue that the sentence most descriptive of his leash walking skills is, "He's off like a bull with gas."  Anyway, that is inconsequential to the story, so I'm going to stay away from that tangential discussion.

I was walking in the eastward direction, and about a hundred feet ahead of me was a woman with a golden retriever.  She and her dog were stopped, as her dog was sniffing around.  She then saw me and yelled out with a vitriolic and accusatory tone while pointing to the ground, "Is this your dog's?!?"  Completely confused, I said, "What?"

She got even angrier as she elaborated and said, "Did you forget to clean up after your dog?"  At this point, I'm flabbergasted.  I've been BEHIND her the whole time walking in the SAME direction, and she has the manberries to accuse me of not cleaning up dog poop (supposedly from my dog) that happens to be in an area that I clearly hadn't been yet.  Either this individual thinks so highly of me that she thinks I can transcend time and space OR she thinks that I set up this elaborate poop trap well before she got there.  If I wasn't so taken back by the foolishness and aggressiveness of the accusation, I would have laid into her for being nasty in her retardation, but alas, it was not the case.


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