Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Today, driving to work, I saw an animal in the road.  It was alive and kickin' so don't worry; this is not a sad story.  It's instead a story of disguise.  This small mammal was like nothing I'd ever seen before, so I was confused.  *Note:it was early, and I'm not (at least I hope) retarded*  This particular beast was no bigger than a small loaf of bread (think the loaves from Outback).  It had no tail, which lead me to believe that it was probably a rabbit.  However, hopping was clearly not its in its repertoire of means of conveyance, so that theory was quickly dispelled.

It became apparent as I neared the furry ball of mystery that it was a squirrel.  Upon stumbling upon this realization, I realized that this squirrel was probably trying to fool the world into thinking he was a bobcat.  I can't say that I understand his logic though, as squirrels don't hunt bobcats in the same way that wolves kill livestock.

I've since pondered several hypotheses to explain the tail bobbage on this little fellow, but I'm having difficulty determining which is the case.  Let me know what you think:

1. He was hiking out West, got caught under a rock, and cut it off with a knife to survive.
2. Squirrel tails are like kids' teeth, and he was in the process of getting his adult tail.
3. His father was a bulldog.

Any other ideas?  I'm at a loss...



  1. Squirrel-rabbit hybrid, aka a squabbit

    dwarf bobcat that you mistook for a squirrel.

  2. Haha...I'm stealing that story for when I recount this in the future. From now on, I saw the fabled "Squabbit."