Monday, February 28, 2011

Foiled Million Dollar Idea: Revived!

This weekend, I was on my throne doing some thinking, and I was in great discomfort.  The reason for the discomfort is different from the reason I had originally sat upon my cherished porcelain chair, for those of you whose minds would turn this into a depraved poop joke.  Anyway, as I sat upon my stool (again, get your mind out of the gutter...), I was shocked by just how cold the seat was.  I had this problem at work when the bathroom was icy in the past, but never such an unwelcome thing had happened in my own residence!

Seeking a way to rectify this situation, I came up with the idea of a heated toilet seat.  Unfortunately, as a faithful reader so gleefully pointed out to dash my hopes, there are already electronic heated toilet seats out there.  It would have been easy to pack up and wallow in my impending continued lack of a million dollars, but no...that's not how I roll!

I thought to myself, "Everyone who's got half a brain and some cooking sense prefers gas to electric when it comes to ovens and stove tops!"  Then, my great innovation hit!  A heated toilet seat with a pilot light!  There would be two knobs...One to flush the turd when you're done pinching it out and another to adjust the heat!  Of course, with my idea, the seat would need to be ceramic instead of plastic (I don't want to get too many toxic fumes going in that little room, and some are somewhat inextricably linked to the bathroom activity).  So there we have it...A ceramic toilet seat with open flames under it!  BRILLIANT!  Now to try to obtain products/completed operations GL coverage on this invention...


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