Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Road Rage!

Today, on my way to work, I pulled up to a red light to make a right turn.  Accordingly, I pulled into the right turn only lane, and I pulled up behind another motorist.  Little did I know, this mystery driver would turn out to be an anus monger!  I can understand not making a right on red when there are cars coming, but this impotent doofus didn't even bother to pull up to the point where he could see that indeed, no cars were coming.  So there I sat, watching time of my life that I will never get back tick away while Bozo sat there in his hunter green half pick-up truck/half ass-wagon contemplating his navel.  Oh, I was stewing!

Then, I got to thinking...Who could it be?  Who could have tricked him into sitting there motionlessly, as though trying to elude a T-Rex?  I wonder whoever could it be!


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