Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Get Your Priorities Straight!

When I look around, I see that things aren't great on a macro level.  We are in two wars, unemployment is hovering at around 9%, oil prices are skyrocketing, municipalities and states are realizing they are up to their elbows in debt, deficit spending for February 2011 alone was more than all of 2007, the NFL season may well be cancelled, and Charlie Sheen is well beyond teetering on the brink of complete self destruction.  I'm not arguing that Congress should or can deal with many of these issues; I am merely trying to develop a snapshot in time.

We always hear politicians telling us that they "feel the pain of the American people."  Perhaps, if that's really true, they'd be tackling issues that actually matter instead of spending any time squabbling over this.  I'm not saying either side is right or wrong here...Both sides have merit to their arguments.  What I am saying is that this is a completely inane issue in comparison to others we face, and time spent discussing this is an utter waste...Nothing more than partisan bickering for the sake of partisan bickering.

Weren't we told that both sides would try to work together to find bipartisan solutions for substantial problems facing our nation now and into the future?  Maybe I'm missing something, and there's something more to this, but are they really getting up in arms over cafeteria cups??? Really?  Give me a break.

Just to throw my two cents in here, till either side mans up and takes on meaningful issues, not a single one of them needs a cup (pun intended).


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