Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Healing Power of Pizza

I find that there is a glorious food that can uplift any mood.  As you likely gathered from the post's title, I am talking about that large disk of doughy cheesey goodness we know as pizza.  Whether it is plain cheese, pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, onion, Hawaiian, white with tomato, extra garlic, buffalo chicken, barbecue chicken or any combination therein (excepting anchovies, which are like Kryptonite to the pizza experience), it has the power to drive me to pure bliss from any prior state.

Let me give you a few examples:

1.  I'm sitting on a park bench, and I get pooped on by a bird.  If then, someone were to hand me a slice of pepper and onion pizza, I'd merrily forgive that bird.

2.  I'm camping, and in my sleep, someone smears honey all over my tent, and I get attacked by a bear.  To be honest, forgiveness is a mere matter of a multi-topping pizza.  Hell, even a slice of cheese may absolve the wrongdoer in my (hopefully able to open) eyes.

3.  I'm standing on a sidewalk, and a car comes up on the curb and runs over my toe...then backs up over it to come back to apologize.  Here, it would require a whole pie, but if the driver were to hand an entire eight slices through his window, I would likely wish him a wonderful day, and I might even say, "Happy motoring."

Granted, the above examples are extreme, but that only goes to show just how powerful an elixir pizza truly is.  In fact, I'm having a very difficult time fabricating a scenario wherein pizza would not be the solution.



  1. I have excellent recipe for pizza with anchovies.

    Step one, prepare pizza dough.
    Step 2, sautee anchovies and let them cool.
    Step 3, Sautee sausage, onions, peppers, and mushrooms.
    Step 4, add pizza sauce on top of dough
    Step 5, add toppings from step 3 on top of dough along with pepporoni and olives.
    Step 6, add cheese.
    step 7, place pie in oven.
    step 8, feed anchovies from step 2 to cat while waiting for pizza to bake.


  2. That sort of animal cruelty is right up there with Mike Vick!


  3. No worse than feeding cats catfood.

  4. My coworker used to call pizza the perfect food. I'd have to agree. A close second is tacos/nachos.

  5. Now, I want tacos, nachos, AND burritos. Thanks, Leslie.