Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Dramatic Turn of Events

On my run today, I ran past the sign board at my local fire department, and it said, "Always Rembember 9/11.  All gave some, and some gave all."  Those words, while simple, gave me goosebumps.  In lighter news, I also ran past a Taco Bell, and I wasn't even remotely tempted!  Woohoo!  I used to run past a Fuddruckers, and the smell would taunt my soul.

Anyway, in the most exciting news of the day, Dream Theater put out its eleventh studio album today.  I picked up a copy of A Dramatic Turn of Events on my way home from work, and I started to listen.  There were a few songs that didn't do it for me upon first listen, but others were amazing.  I'll have a writeup to review it in the next few days after I've had time to listen a few times.


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