Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nail in the Coffin

Well, there was a debate for the Republican Primary last night in Michigan, and it appears that one candidate has officially buried himself (not to imply that he wasn't already waning) in a mere 53 seconds.

I can only imagine how certain people reacted to this, but I think it may have gone something like this:

Al Gore: ::finishes chewing::  Did I hear EPA?
Herman Cain:  Man, this gaffe is going to harass him down the road.
Nancy Pelosi:  This kind of rhetoric leads to violence.
Mitt Romney:  Thank you, sir.
Michael Moore:  ::finishes chewing::  ::starts chewing again::
George W. Bush:  At least I attempted to pronounce what was on my mind.
Barack Obama:  He should have used a teleprompter.


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