Thursday, November 3, 2011

Road to Nowhere

Today, I woke up, showered, took the dog out, made lunch, and then I started to drive to work.  The day started like any other, and the commute was proving to be quite ordinary.  Then, as I neared the highway exit, everything changed!  When I got to the top of the off-ramp, I took my spot as the fourth car in line to merge at the yield sign onto the road.  Looking ahead, I saw the first car in the queue start to go...Then I saw the brake lights come on, as he realized that there was a car coming.  The person behind him decided that there was enough time for him to go before the oncoming car arrived, so he hit the gas and slammed right into the rear of the driver in front of him who hadn't gone.

It was only a minor tap, and since nobody was hurt, I immediately thought of how this was just an inconvenience rather than anything major.  However, I underestimated the lack of awareness of the two parties involved with respect to the concept of "other people."  The two motorists began to walk around their cars to exchange insurance information while they were blocking off the entire off-ramp (and it is a busy one).  I had to physically get out of my car and tell them to move to the industrial driveway no more than 20 feet away.  They looked at me like I was crazy till several other people behind me started honking.  Then, they finally got into their cars and moved.  I'm just miffed that it took my commenting and a butt-load of honking for them to realize that they were not the only two people on this planet, let alone the road.



  1. Well, on my ride home from work, there was a replay of yesterday. This time, I was about 20 cars behind the accident, and it took a cop driving down the ramp to tell the two drivers to stop blocking off the whole road since it was starting to block up the highway. Is there a full moon or something???

  2. Must be the holiday season getting everyone in a tizzy. Someone hit my car this week, and then the next day someone behind me sped over the yellow lines to pass me, and the car in front of me. No accident, but it was scary.