Sunday, November 13, 2011


It's Sunday, and since Tim Tebow hasn't played terribly well of late for the Denver Broncos, a lot of the talk has died down a bit, which makes this the perfect time for me to throw my two cents in regarding his situation.  My claim is that Tebow will never achieve much success in the NFL.  However, I don't believe that is the case because of his lack of talent or mechanics.  I feel it is true because of his fans.

It is clear from watching him that the kid is a winner, and he's got drive, athleticism, and heart.  Because of that, I think he can change his mechanics to become one hell of a quarterback.  However, due to his fans, he will likely never get a fair shake.  He has a following like no other player, and as such, whichever team he is on will be pressured to start him...His fans want to see him and are very vocal about it.  With all the talent he has though, he needs time to sit on the bench (or stand with a clipboard) and learn the pro game and mechanics.

The only way that will happen is if he goes to a team with an unquestioned starter (that isn't him) for a little while.  If he's on a team that isn't performing well or with marginal quarterbacks, he'll keep being thrust into games before he's ready, and that will hurt his chances of latching on with another team in a more favorable situation conducive for his development.

I wish Tebow all the success in the world, but at the same time, I would be lying if I didn't find a bit of humor in the irony of the proposition that his fans are the ones who are slowly sucking the life blood out of his NFL career.


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