Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Contest

Well, MSG, your stall selection post was certainly very interesting, and, amazingly, had wide spread appeal. However it's probably time to move on. I thought you might be interested in knowing that Elmo Spice, B-dog and I have challenged you in a contest. No, a Seinfield-style contest , but a Curse-Free Thursday Contest. Not that you have had any problems in that area, but the 3 of us have, and in an effort to clean up THE STAFF, we thought we would give it a shot for one day. This does run contrary to my effort to "lighten up" - you know, adopting the Stevie Nicks persona and getting a tattoo. (Ok, so it was only a henna tattoo. At least it was a step in the right direction. ), but I am willing to participate for the sake of the team. I hope you are reading this prior to the start (12:01 am), or otherwise one of us could win by default. You will have to be on the honor system. I can monitor Elmo and Bdog.  - SN


  1. Let's make it interesting. Why don't we make the time period for this indefinite. Last person to swear wins...Not just on Thursday. -MSG

  2. I'm out! I was on the elevator with MSG, and told him that I had a motherf$#%&*?! headache... MSG then told me I'm out! We'll,... ya wanna know what I'm thinking?! It ain't nice. B-Dawg

  3. Ditto for me. What a morning! Although I suspect a conspiracy, I must take responsibility for my own fowl mouth. MSG, looks like it is down to you and Mary Samsonite. Elmo also caved, and as predicted the 3 of us did not make it til lunchtime.
    A friend of mine suggested giving up the F word on Friday. Would eliminate alot of gray areas as to what words would be construed as curse words. We could call it Riday. - SN