Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This Week's Contest

In a ongoing, and purhaps futile, effort to raise the moral caliper of THE STAFF, I propose another contest for tomorrow. This week's challenge will to make it thru the day without making a disparaging remark regarding another person. So Thursday will be NDR (non-disparaging remark) day, followed by the popular "F" free Riday. This will likely be harder then I anticipate, at least for me, but I am hoping to make it past last week's 10 hour mark (half of which I was asleep). Partipants, please confess the time and circumstance of your guilt upon caving in to the urge to label a fellow human being a lug nut. - SN


  1. Effective 9:00, I was out. With the election looming and people coming over to tell me about porn news, something had to give. I took my frustration out on Code Name: Neumann. Someone suggested putting rum in the cider at tomorrow's party, and I said, "Then we'd all smell like (Code Name: Neumann)."

    Then, I was good again till a few moments ago when an agent told me to do their work for them because they didn't know how to do it (and expected me to drop everything I was doing to take on her task). At that point, I proclaimed, "This bitch is an ass hat." Clearly, I would have lost last week's contest with this outburst as well...


  2. Well, like a cheap house of cards, Elmo Spice, BDawg and I went down in quick session. But at least I did better than both MSG and BDawg. And Code name: Neumann was also my downfall. Still my 9:53 transgression was worse than my results last week. Am I trending in the wrong direction?