Monday, November 15, 2010

(Im)perfect Celebration?

It has been well documented that the 1972 Nameless undefeated team I hate has assembled every season since to open champagne in celebration of the first defeat of the last undefeated team every year.  Some years, they had to wait longer than others.  Teams like the Colts of the Manning era seemed to be flirting with the prospect of duplicating this feat on an annual basis.  Then, in 2007, one team rose above all others to keep the champagne on ice through January and into February.  They shall go nameless because, well...frankly, I loathe them.  Instead, I will just post a montage of that game, as doing so will allow me to keep the language on this blog PG.

It is difficult to say whether it is more of a feat to win all your games or to win none.  Two teams have achieved the former, and technically four have the dubious distinction of the latter through the regular season.  In the undefeated category are the 1972 Nameless team I hate and 2007 other nameless team that I hate.  In the highly defeated category are the 1960 Cowboys, 1976 Buccaneers, the 1982 Baltimore Colts, and the 2008 Lions.  It should be noted that the Cowboys and the Bucs were expansion teams, and the Colts did this in a strike-shortened season.  This leaves one legit established team that has gone a full season without a win (exactly half the number of undefeated teams).

This begs the natural question:  Should the 2008 Lions pop open the Steel Reserve (champagne's too celebratory) when the last winless team gets its first win every year?


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