Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Touch My Junk Redux

In yesterday's post, I discussed current TSA procedures.  Today, I would like to use this post to do two things: 1. Put forth a fairly common sense solution and 2. Bemoan having a certain sketch comedy show make a skit based on a joke I made before the skit came out (and to give props since it amused me nonetheless).

1. I don't think anyone claims that metal detectors or other non-intrusive (at least compared to the two search procedures detailed yesterday) are unconstitutional.  Instead of being a "search," it merely signals to authorities that there is probable cause for more scrutiny.  Clearly, metal detectors don't detect every object that terrorists have tried to use in attacks in the past, but why not use the body scan technology to signal to authorities when there is probable cause for a search instead of using it as the search itself?  What if we were to have fliers enter the body scan machine, but in lieu of a real full body image, the monitor would display a cartoon avatar that would place a red dot over any suspicious areas?  People whose scans produce a red spot would then be subjected to more scrutiny.  The end result would be a more reliable screening process than just metal detectors, shorter, more expeditious security lines, and allayed concerns about civil liberties violations.

2. Last week, while discussing the "merits" of the screenings, I said that buying a plane ticket was a safer, cleaner option than "men and women of the night".


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