Monday, November 1, 2010

Open Letter to the Undecided Voter

Happy Election Eve! Still up in the air on which of the candidates are worthy of your ballet? Wondering if they will fulfill their campaign promises? Why not make it easy on yourself? Why waste any more brain activity mulling over the issues? Just keep it simple and vote for the better looking candidate. What are the odds that anyone in particular will do what they promised, or not cave in to the lobbyists? Looks made fade over the next 4 years, but let's face it they won't go away completely. The TV viewing public will thank you. After all, we will be staring at their mugs for the next 4 years. So go spend some quality time thinking about something worthwhile - like paper or plastic? - SN


  1. Man, I can only pray that people in Nevada don't find Harry Reid as alluring as I do!


  2. I'm likin' ur suggestion. We can reduce the "issues" to the level of small talk, and raise the visual impact to "eye candy status"... Awesome... No mo' talkin' heads... B-Dog gives to woof woofs to your idea...