Wednesday, November 3, 2010

State of Awkwardness

As is done every two years on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November, Americans went to the polls yesterday to voice their opinions about the direction of the nation.  Many conclusions can be drawn from the results.  Undoubtedly, both sides will try to spin the outcome in their favor.  We will hear Democrats say that they did not have enough time to clean up Bush's mess and that they had to make painful decisions that were right, but cost them seats.  We will hear Republicans claim that this is a mandate for their policies.  It seems clear to any non-partisan observer that there are needles of truth hidden in the epic haystack of falsehood.  However, finding it is not the most important thing.  Neither is dissecting what actually happened or trying to predict the future of policy proposals and party positioning.

The most important thing is that once again, the American people get to witness intense awkwardness behind the President at State of the Union Addresses!  Who among us doesn't enjoy seeing the President make a point only to have one person behind him clapping (or more amusingly, standing) while the other sits motionlessly (or more amusingly, looking constipated) in his or her chair?  A short history:

1995-1998: Gore v. Gingrich

2007-2008: Cheney v. Pelosi

My fellow countrymen, I present to you: 2011-  : Biden v. Boehner

The only question left is whether these two political heavyweights can somehow manage to top the Great Blinkoff of 2008's pitting Bionic v. Botox?

Only time will tell, but I must say, I'm excited for this wild ride.


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