Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bacon Haiku

It's no secret that I love bacon.  In fact, anyone who doesn't know this (whether he or she knows me or not) has probably had his or her head in the sand ostrich style for the past couple of years.  Anyway, all too often, I take this wondrous meat and its meaty goodness for granted.  Today, however, I want to let it know how much it means to me.  What better way to display my affection than a string of Haiku?

Off to the meat aisle
When I get to the grocer
I know what I seek

Red and white marble
Your beauty is transcendent
A sight for sore eyes

Now, into the pan
Where you sizzle with valor
Edible soonly

Salty and crispy
From the pan, into my mouth
You are at your best

Each and every bite
I am thankful to know you
Oh love of my life


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