Monday, December 27, 2010


Well, in light of the massive storm blanketing the East coast, I have a snow day tomorrow.  Hearing the wind whipping outside my window with its primordial howl, I feel like a kid again, and as such, I figured I would compile a list of some of my favourite ways to have spent snow days when I was younger as well as some ideas for ways to celebrate now.

Probably the most vivid memory I have from snow days is going out sledding in the back yard then coming inside to warm up and watching Dumb and Dumber with a whole bag of Pixie Sticks with my sister.  I can pretty much quote the whole movie as a result.  In fact, just as a mini-teaser, take a moment to listen to the epic opening riffs.

Others include:
1. Sledding at a local elementary and my mom getting stuck in a huge snow pile and having to dig stairs to get out while my sister was convinced that we were all going to die.
2. Listening to the old clock radio eagerly hoping to hear that school was closed.
3. Hot chocolate (enough said).
4. Shoveling (this one's not terribly fond).
5. Playing spies and talking through heating vents with my sister (and her getting in trouble for quoting the aforementioned Dumb and Dumber and my mom hearing her say "bastard.").
6. Seeing cat foot prints in the snow on the back porch.

Celebrations now include some of the classics, but with added twists (read: macaroni and cheese balls).  Tomorrow, it seems long overdue to make a snow man (or snow blob as it were...Maybe a picture of it will grace these hallowed pages) and make some bacon flavoured hot cocoa.

I'd go on, but I have a long day of sculpting and frolicking merrily in the winter wonderland tomorrow, so I'm going to rest up!  In the meantime, what are some of the things you enjoyed doing/still like to do when it snows?


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