Thursday, December 16, 2010


When I'm bored, I tend to have rather bizarre thoughts.  Today, for example, I was wondering what the net effect on a baby's immune system would be if one or both of its parents had a cold when the baby was conceived.

I see three possibilities:

1. There is no effect.  The immune system is more a product of genes and post-conception events (health of the mother, etc.) than health at the time of conception.

2. The baby has a weaker immune system, as it was tested from the start and is more wary than kids conceived of healthy parents.

3. The baby develops an immune system filled with a brutal army of white blood cells that are strong enough to take over the world twice over.

What do you think?
No change...The Baby Slept through It
Weaker...White Blood Cells Wave the White Blood Flag
Stronger...The Baby in Question Must Have Been Chuck Norris free polls


1 comment:

  1. It must be Chuck Norris. It is such a rare event for a woman to have a cold and want to have sex that it only happened once in the universe - and for good reason, look at what the result is! The world can't handle that much awesomeness twice.