Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Emerging from My Cave

I have finally entered the 21st century!  I bid on an item on ebay last week, and I won.  Today, my shiny, new (well...somewhat faded and over 90 years old) Walking Liberty Half dollar came in the mail!  I don't win very many of my bids because I only bid up to the melt price of the coins on which I bid (minus shipping, so the whole purchase equals the melt price).  In fact, I only win about 1 in 15, which is fine because I will buy, but I will do so at my price.

I'm kind of new to this whole precious metals thing though, so I'm looking for tips and hints to buying/saving/storing.  I know at least one of you will suggest diversifying my metals between silver, gold, and lead (you know who you are).  Any other tips?



  1. I'll let others counsel you on liquidating gold and silver, but as for your lead stockpiles, might I advise a trip to http://impactguns.com/ for some disposal devices?