Friday, December 31, 2010

Rights Not Enumerated?

Yesterday, I was watching a few episodes of Man v. Food: The Meat Chronicles with a close friend from college.  The meats presented to him at each establishment (and thus to me on my screen vicariously through him) were tantalizing to say the least.  There was steak that sizzled with a nice sear on the outside and a magnificent pinkness on the inside.  There were burger patties that served as a bed for a cornucopia of other meats.  Bacon, Canadian bacon, pastrami, grilled ham...These among many other things graced my television screen and forced reflexive salivation.

While all these images gave me ideas (imprinted griddle marks upon my imagination, if you will), one stood out to me above all others.  He showed a pit roast.  An entire pig was slow roasted till the meat fell of the bones to the degree where the bones were completely bare...not an ounce of oinker stuck.  Then, they heaped this delicious looking pulled pork onto a bun with bacon and ham.  So, naturally, I got an idea.  I grabbed my apartment lease and started reading through it.  Apparently, nowhere in it does it specify that I cannot dig a roasting pit in front of my apartment!  So now, I'm trying to determine whether I have the right to do this.  I maintain that rights not enumerated in my lease ought not be construed as a lack of those rights, and there's precedent for my belief.  The 9th Amendment of the United States Constitution backs up my claim:

"The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people."

If a federal judge were to consider this, I would assume they would go with Stare Decisis, and the

What do you think?

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