Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Biden a Dummy?

You'd probably assume that I'd write my follow-up post to last night's State of the Union speech with some analysis and strong political undertones.  You'd also be wrong.  The speech was just about exactly as I predicted in yesterday's post.  Therefore, I will share with you a realization from a conversation with a friend that I had while watching the address.

We were hypothesizing about what Joe Biden was doing.  I contend that someone smeared peanut butter on his teeth Mr. Ed style before the cameras began to roll.  I read someone else on Facebook claiming that he must have been passing gas the whole time (supported by not only the facial expressions he was making, but also that Boehner kept leaning away).  However, the main realization from the night was a likeness of Vice President Biden to the most famous contemporary piece of wood (Sorry, Chris Cooley...You're #2.):

And my personal favourite:

Uncanny, no?  I wonder whether Jeff Dunham crafted Walter with Joe Biden in mind.  Perhaps not, but if not, that's one Hell of a coincidence.  We're talking Twilight Zone weird...


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