Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pro Bowl Debate

Last year, NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell made the decision to move the Pro Bowl from the week after the Super Bowl to the week before.  His rationale was that the Pro Bowl is highly anticlimactic, and he wanted the season to go out with a bang.  I guess the idea was to leave an intensity burning in the hearts of football fans everywhere to build anticipation for the following season.

While I understand the reasoning for the switch, I am against it, and the reason is twofold.  First, moving the game to the week before the Super Bowl negates a portion of the all star rosters.  It doesn't seem far fetched to assume that a large number of all stars play for the two Super Bowl teams (although, it's not always the case).  I don't see why they should be automatically disqualified from playing in this game.

My more deeply seeded disagreement with the notion of a pre-Super Bowl Pro Bowl is that I don't like the season to end with a bang.  I find it less enjoyable that way because I'm always rooting strongly for one team in the big dance, and since it's for all the proverbial marbles, it's like ending the season by jumping into the icy lake of off-season.  With the Pro Bowl being played after the Super Bowl, it's more like an old man slipping into the warm bath of off-season.  I'll side with tranquility instead of ball-shriveling treachery, thank you very much.


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