Saturday, January 15, 2011

Playoff Recap: Packers/Falcons

Well, the Packers are on the road trying to knock off another set of birds.  If they succeed, it would be two birds with two stones.  Here comes one of the top two games of the weekend!

1.  Number 90 for Green Bay has just about the sweatiest ass crack in the annals (anals?) of recorded history.

2.  There have been more fumbles this post season than I think I've ever seen!  It's absolutely nauseating.  This time, it is Greg Jennings on this transgression.  That said, that play was probably the second longest of the playoffs thus far (only a whopping 2 minutes less than the Marshawn Lynch run from last week).

3.  Tramon Williams...Just stay away from Tramon Williams.  He's already got one pick, and you almost threw a pick 6 while trying to get into field goal territory.  Don't throw at...Oops...Too bad I didn't type this sooner.  There's the pick 6 to Tramon.

4.  Green Bay is looking completely unstoppable.  I don't see them losing to anyone in the NFC field if they keep playing like this.  Offense is clicking, Rogers is in the zone, James Starks is moving the chains, and the defense is menacing.  They're healthy and peaking at the perfect time.  Wow...They just showed a stat, and the Packers have outscored Atlanta 35-0 in the last 18+ minutes.  That seems like exceedingly bad news for Atlanta.

5.  I like the idea for the onside kick, but not when Green Bay is ready for it.  Also, no way that ball went 10 yards.  And, the ref just confirmed what I said when I saw it live.  That's more trouble for Atlanta.  I see this becoming a 24 point game before long (at least).

6.  DOINK!  I don't know why, but it's very amusing when a team (other than mine) knocks a kick into the upright.  The odds are slim, and the noise is very satisfying.

7.  Points to the announcer for saying, "Matt Ryan needs to channel his inner Frank Reich.  I think that's the only thing I've ever enjoyed hearing Joe Buck say (and he's said entirely too much, so there's a lot of comments I'm using as comparison points).  (Update: Troy Aikman ruined the moment by talking about that year's Super Bowl...To borrow a term from Cromartie, what an "ass-hole")

8.  Another fumble.  Did the NFL grease the balls for these playoffs?  It's like trying to hold onto a greased pig(skin).

9.  31-36, 366 yards, 3 TDs, 0 INTs, 2 carries for 13 yards and a TD...What Tedford Curse?

10.  Another fumble?  Am I watching professional football?  I'm done.  This game is over, and I'm not going to comment on the rest of the fumbles that are sure to come.  I do, however put the over/under on the number of fumbles to still occur in the next 4:30 at 2.

Up next:  Seattle at Chicago


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