Sunday, January 9, 2011

Playoff Recap: Packers/Eagles

Now onto the most anticipated matchup of the weekend.  It's a rematch of an earlier game in which Green Bay was abusing Philly till they knocked the snot out of Michael Vick's proverbial kid brother, Kevin Kolb.  Then, in came the big dog (couldn't resist...sorry), and the rest was history.  Vick made the unsuspecting Green Bay defense look more like a sieve than anything else.  Now, for part two:

1.  Turnovers AND special teams?  If you're the return team on a punt, and the ball is on the ground, you have no business ever going near it.  Period.  Frustrating to watch given my turnover gripes from earlier.

2.  Quinten Mikell covers balls worse than old men at the gym after a shower.  How he didn't cover up that Kuhn fumble is beyond me.  Also, if I see another fumble this weekend, I might just puke.  (update: Rogers just fumbled, and I had a bit of a viscous burp)

3.  Green Bay's D is intense and fast...very scary.  I still would want to face them though, as it would mean my team was IN the playoffs (Super Bowl to be precise).

4.  The holding call on Green Bay #73 was about the worst holding call I've ever seen.  That was a great block, and the zebra ought to be ashamed.

5.  The hold by Winston Justice on Clay Matthews where he basically clotheslined him from behind was probably the most amusing hold I've ever seen.  If I'm Reid or Vick, I'm happy he did it though.  Things could have been far worse than a ten yard penalty if he hadn't held.

6.  David Akers is a hooker.  Seriously, that's two hooked kicks now.  It would be a five point game, but instead, it's still a two score deficit.

7.  Balls by Reid on the fourth down.  I would have kicked the field goal to make it a one score game.  Also, the people I was watching with were arguing that my take was wrong (and apparently offensive?) because an eight point deficit would still be more than a one possession game?  Not sure I see the logic...

8.  When the illegal touching happened on the two point conversion, and the refs said the try was no good, I said that there should be a retry.  Apparently, after some discussion, the refs realized that I was right (since he'd reestablished himself on the field of play).  However, then the refs announced that the try would be from the twelve instead of the seven, where it should have been.  Basic rules, refs...basic rules...

9.  Tramon Williams had a Pro Bowl year, but he was snubbed.  Fitting that he gets the clincher in this game and a little more prime-time national exposure.

10.  Green Bay ran the ball far better than I would have expected.  Given that they were using a no-name running back (not to take anything away from him, he had an amazing game and was all effort), while I didn't focus on the o-line as much in this game as others, they deserve props.  There were holes in a pretty good run defense, and that is a testament to the big uglies.

11.  Packers/Falcons rematch will be a treat.  I, for one, can't wait for next weekend!

Look for Divisional Round previews later in the week!


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