Thursday, January 20, 2011

Case of the Mondays

This past Monday, I was basically a walking example of Murphy's Law (although watered down since putting it in perspective, nothing really bad happened).  I figured I'd share some of the absurd/unlikely things that happened, and the reasons are twofold: 1. A few days removed, it's really damn funny, and 2. I'm always one for validating Garfield's core beliefs (eating lasagna, hating Mondays, and kicking Odie).

To give you some background (that will come into play later), Sunday night, it was snowing, and by Monday morning, it had turned to freezing rain.  After waking up groggy with a newly contracted cold, I was sluggish in moving around and lacked much clarity in my thought and precision in my morning actions (making breakfast, lunch, etc.).  Leaving for work that morning, I kept getting outside only to realize I had forgotten my spoon, my wallet, (my brain?) all in separate repeating episodes.  When I finally got out to the car, I was understandably flustered.  Instead of scraping the snow and ice off my windshield, I decided to employ my wipers.  It worked! Were my fortunes turning?

After the windshield was clear, I turned my attention to the watery ice caked to my windows.  Again, I got a brilliant idea!  I'd just roll the window down and push the ice away from the car from the inside (brilliant, no?).  When the window was most of the way down, just before I pushed on the ice sheet, it collapsed inward on my lap.  It was at this point that I realized one other thing I'd forgotten to do: zip my fly.  So now I'm driving in to work with ice in my pants.  Wonderful!

Balls a-frozen, I just wanted to get to work.  But NO...Once again, I hit ten red lights out of twelve opportunities!  I won't get into all the technical things that went wrong at work, but suffice to say, the phone wouldn't stop ringing, and each call was a problem.  There wasn't one simple issue to arise.

If you've got a Monday morning (or Murphy's Law) story that can compete with the above, I'd love to hear from you in the comments section!  We can commiserate.



  1. Frosty the Ice-Pants... was not a very jolly man. And didn't have a corn cob pipe, but did have really cool shoes.

  2. Cool like these?