Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Orange Ginger Teriyaki Chicken Recipe

One thing I love to do is cook.  I find time in the kitchen to be an extremely cathartic way to express my artistic side.  Those of you who have seen it know that when I try other, more traditional forms of artistic expression, it generally results in an epic disaster involving colored pencils, lined paper, and some sort of celebratory event.  Anyway, when I cook, I tend to like to experiment...Trying new ingredient combinations, spice concoctions, etc.  Often, I find myself trying to recreate meals that I enjoy from restaurants (or Mexican burrito stands as the case may be).  In the future, I'll be posting some recipes that I enjoy for you to try.  My warning is that since I cook in a "haphazard" manner, the measurements of the ingredients changes from edition to edition of any given meal.  I encourage you to try the recipes, but also to embellish and to change them to make them your own.  If you come up with a wrinkle or a twist that you find really works, please post in the comments section of the post involving the base recipe you used!

Today's iteration is Orange Ginger Chicken!

The below ingredients make two servings:

1 Medium to large boneless, skinless chicken breast (frozen/semi-thawed)
2 Medium oranges (or 1 Freakin' huge one) *I highly recommend seedless*
1 to 2 Tbsp of grated fresh ginger depending on your tastes
2 Tbsp teriyaki
1 Pinch of sugar
1 Crown of Broccoli
1 Cup rice (dried)

1 Large frying pan (I use non-stick)
1 Pot for rice making purposes
1 Appetite for something amazing
1 Medium sized piece of tupperware for marination

1.  Cut oranges into eighths and squeeze into the tupperware
2.  Combine the orange juice with the teriyaki sauce, ginger, and sugar
3.  Slice the semi-thawed chicken thinly (easiest to do when there's a nice frost still in the middle) and combine with marianade
4.  Let sit for a few hours
5.  Pour entire mixture of chicken and orange ginger teriyaki sauce into the frying pan and mix in broccoli and cook till chicken is done
6.  Cook Rice
7.  Eat

Warning: This recipe will make your kitchen smell amazingly.  Don't say I didn't tell you.


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