Thursday, January 27, 2011


So I'm sitting here watching "Wild Russia" on Animal Planet (how cool am I?), and I've now seen two commercials for a product called "Sha-Poopie."  If it didn't look so ridiculous...sidenote: There is now wild boar porn on my tv...I would not post anything about this product.  If the theme music wasn't so crappy (pun very intended), I probably would leave it alone too.  However, I cannot resist mentioning this product.

The idea is that when you're walking your dog, and he has to poop, you have an extension arm with a sort of cup affixed to the end to catch the poop, thus negating the necessity of bending over and picking up the poop the conventional way.  You're probably wondering, "But, FSG...How does it work?"  For anyone wondering that, here is a demo!

For the low price of $24.95, you can have this product!  Add in $16.95 for sixty liners, and you're set.  So, for all you dog owners, the question becomes, "Would I pay $41.90 to avoid being knee deep in dog shit for sixty walks?"  There is another factor though...The related question is "Would I pay $41.90 to look like a retard with a poo stick in public?"  I guess there are trade-offs to everything.



  1. I knew I had seen it somewhere! I saw that interview and remembered a similar product - how the stellar name Sha-poopie escaped me, I don't know.

    Does it work for cats?

  2. Please tell me you don't take your cats for walks!