Saturday, January 8, 2011

Playoff Recap: Jets/Colts

And as kickoff is about to start, I'm not sure what to expect anymore.  I thought that the Saints would win in a slam dunk affair, and I was wrong.  Will I be wrong to count out the hobbled Colts and Peyton Manning?  Let's go to the (yet unfolding) video tape:

1.  Faith Hill is absurdly hot.  She might be the best part of Sunday Night Football (and that's saying a lot because SNF is pretty righteous on its own merits).

2.  I just burned my popcorn because I accidentally turned the heat up too high and refused to walk away from the TV to tend to it when a commercial wasn't on.  This game better be entertaining because it's already on my shit list for the aforementioned transgression.  "It's personal."

3.  Why don't the Colts ever run on 3rd and short?  The situational play calling seems prohibitively predictable.  (update: they just ran one on 3rd and short, and they converted.  Why will no team offer me a lucrative contract to coach?)

4.  When your defense gets shredded for a huge play by a guy with about as French of a name as I've ever seen in the NFL, you need to rethink your coverages.  That was a beautiful route by Garcon and a perfect throw by Manning.

5.  Chris Collinsworth doesn't know what he's talking about.  He shows a replay of a stretch run and talks about how D'Brickashaw Ferguson is a great blocker in space.  On the play he opted to use as proof that his praise is warranted, D'Brick completely whiffed on his downfield block and wound up rolling on the ground while his guy made the tackle.

6.  If Mark Sanchez was even a hair more accurate tonight, the Jets have the lead going into half.  Maybe it's just nerves or adrenaline, but he's overthrowing everyone.  That has to change if the Jets want to punch their ticket to New England.

7.  Brian Schottenheimer is calling an excellent second half.  His o-line is manhandling the Colt d-line, and this game plan takes pressure off Sanchez (revisit point 6 to see why that's a good idea).

8.  It started with Dustin Keller asking for a flag on every incomplete pass he was part of.  Now, that disease has spread to Pierre Garcon, Jacob Tamme, and the crowd.  It's rare that I do this, but I have to defend the refs.  The no-calls in the passing game are correct.  The plays have been clean.

9.  To quote J. Walter Weatherman (loosely), "And that's why you don't run into the punter."

10.  Excellent Jets gameplan.  It reminds me of something Buffalo did to Manning years ago.  Unfortunately for yours truly, Buffalo wasn't able to manage the game winning field goal, and ironically lost 16-14 (which would have been the score of this one if not for the Folk field goal with time expiring).

11.  What a game!  This Saturday's games are the kind of thing that will spoil a football fan.  I'm just hoping that tomorrow's games are as good!  Also, the Jets winning means that if Baltimore knocks off KC, they go to Pittsburgh...That's always a fun matchup!

Up next: Ravens/Chiefs.


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