Saturday, January 8, 2011

Front Office Debacle

It delights me to write this post skewering the hated Miami Dolphins for their handling of this fledgling offseason. I can only hope this ineptitude continues, as the entertainment value is worth its weight in gold (does that mean it's worthless?).

Miami offered Jim Harbaugh a contract to make him the highest paid coach in the NFL before ever coaching a game at that level.  They did so while they still had their coach of three years, Tony Sparano, on the (coaching) roster.  Whether his reason was that he preferred to stay in the San Francisco area (he coached for Stanford before) or he was displaying great class by not taking a non-vacant coaching position, Harbaugh accepted the 49ers offer, which was worth about $3 million LESS than what Miami offered per season.

Now, to look at this from the Sparano point of view for a minute:
Who's running this team?  John Edwards (to soon?)?  Why are they looking for an upgrade when I'm still here?!?  Will they do this every year...Am I always under a 1 year contract?

The ridiculous part of this (no...we haven't even gotten there yet) is that as soon as Harbaugh signed with San Francisco, Miami turned around and handed Sparano an extension AND more control over personnel.  Essentially, the Dolphins are saying that this guy is bad enough that they'd not think twice about replacing him with a man who's never coached an NFL game, but he's also good enough to deserve an extension and more control?  Maybe it's just me, but I don't necessarily understand the logic.  All I know is that if I'm Sparano, I'm busy updating my resume for my next job.

What other nuggets of foolishness will we see come from South Florida this offseason?  Time will tell, but I for one can't wait.


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