Sunday, January 23, 2011

Playoff Recap: Jets/Steelers

Now, my attention has turned to CBS for the Jets/Steelers game.  I'd like to share my CBS pre-game chant with you now:  "Please don't be Phil Simms.  Please don't be Phil Simms.  Please don't be Phil Simms..."  Crap...It's Phil Simms.  Well, we're of to a great start in this one.

1.  Phil Simms is at it again.  In this case, he doesn't really know anatomy too well.  I'm not even talking about advanced topics...The man legitimately doesn't know the difference between a hip and a thigh.  They've shown the clip of Ben getting kneed by Pace in the hip at least three times, and each time, Phil talks about how the league mandated thigh pads and says, "You can see, he got kneed in the thigh."  PSA to Dumbass: No he didnt.

2.  The hit to the head of Emanuel Sanders over the middle by David Harris drew more than just a yellow flag.  Did anyone else lipread what Rex was yelling?  I'd write it here, but if I were to clean it up, it really wouldn't be a sentence.

3.  I'm not sure which is the case, but I can't believe either: 1. How well Pittsburgh is running, or 2. How poorly the Jets are playing run defense.  I think it's a little bit of both.  There are pretty big holes for the Steelers' backs to hit, but the Jets aren't really tackling very well either.  The result is two long scoring drives and complete annihilation in time of possession.  As noted in the last game, look for Pittsburgh to exploit this early success with the play action game later to hit some big plays over the top.

4.  Now, the Jets seem to have stopped playing pass defense.  Unless they can start playing stellar defense, and the offense can sustain some drives to get some points and give the defense a bit of rest, Rex Ryan will be left footing the bill for this little dinner date.  (Update: Belichick has benched me.)

5.  I'm disinclined to agree with the refs on the strip sack touchdown.  I think that was incomplete.  The people I was talking to agree (although they're rooting for the Jets).  That said, I'd like to think I'm pretty impartial (unlike last week) or, realistically, tilted towards Pittsburgh since I stand to win moneys if they win, and I think the arm was going forward.  Last week, Pittsburgh got every call.  This week, they get a TD that I don't think was legit.  If I hear another Steelers player or fan say that the league is against them (I'm looking at you, Harrison), I'm going to puke on that individual *supposing they are within puking distance*.

6.  I don't understand how you could lose track of Santonio Holmes (ex-Super Bowl MVP, mind you) and let him burn your entire secondary like that.  You can see the Jets' confidence growing with two straight scores.  What Pittsburgh really needs here is to come out and have a long drive to take lots of time off the clock and put at least three on the board.  Conversely (and more obviously), the Jets could really use a three and out to bolster the momentum.  (Update: The DB fell.)

7.  Roughing the punter?  I can see calling it running into the punter, but roughing?  For that?  Absolutely a TERRIBLE call.  There's yet another huge call going for Pittsburgh.

8.  Two fumbled snaps?  I know he's the backup center, so he and Ben haven't gotten many reps, but c'mon...How hard can it be to grab his balls when you've got your hands on his ass?  There...has to be a better way to say that...

9.  This game is a lot better than it seemed like it would be when it was 24-0.  This is exactly why the Steelers needed a drive to answer the Jets' first touchdown.

10.  Rex looks mad.  Cheer up, dude.  You get a free trip to Hawaii!  Also, does anyone else get the impression that he wants to be known for coaching more Pro Bowls than Andy Reid?  Sidenote...Are they also vying for world's fattest coach?  If so, I think Holmgren may have something to say about that.

Look for highly detailed Super Bowl Analysis (unlike anything I've done in previous preview posts) in the next few weeks!


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